Geetanjali Hospital

About This Project

Geetanjali Hospital ( Multispeciality & Critical Care Center) was established in 2010 by efforts of Dr. Kamal Kishore, one of the most intelligent, most competent and well known senior physicians in the region. Dr. Kamal Kishore is truely dedicated to his mission of treating his patients while adhering to the highest standards of care and safety, coupled with warm compassion and throrough devotion to getting to the very root of patient’s problems, so as to cure them fully. He envisioned the setting up of Geetanjali hospital as a center of excellence, for providing comprehensive and critical healthcare, a multispeciality hospital that is truely “patient focussed”, and solely dedicated to allieviating the pains of those, who are under our care and giving them the very best of healthcare facilities that they deserve.

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